In 2013, Cold Gold was born from a love of materials.


I began Cold Gold in 2013, primarily based on my love for materials. Ever since I was young, I’ve collected small bits of fabric, wood, stone, paper — anything that seemed small and precious. I would save them for no purpose other than to find them again. Although I’ve always been a collector, over the last few years I’ve honed my skill for a better purpose: function.

My work is easy to wear every day, without being forgettable. While chic simplicity is difficult to design, I believe it is my knack for material choices and combinations that sets me apart. I’m always looking for a way to inspire in others the same level of excitement I had as a kid when I would come across something small, beautiful, and unique.

While I use clean lines and straightforward geometry to recall a “classic” design aesthetic, I draw upon a variety of disparate influences to create each design. Whether it’s the exactness of mid century modern furniture, my personal nostalgia for 90s Claire’s earring sets, 60s “space-age” imagery, or the sleek, purposeful design of a pocketknife— I try to distill all of these inspirations into small, beautifully functional accents for every day wear.